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Welcome to CSGOBets.Pro

Welcome to CSGOBets.Pro. On this website, you'll find various top 10 lists with the best websites related to CS:GO skin gambling and betting.

With CS:GO skins being such a popular virtual currency, and so many different gambling sites available, it can be difficult to know what to look out for and which sites to choose.

We're experts at this stuff, so we've done the hard work for you by researching and testing all of the best CS:GO gambling sites to see if they actually hold up to the competition.

Strict Quality Guidelines & Awesome Bonuses

When choosing sites, we follow strict criteria such as:

  • Are the sites reputable and verified to use?
  • Are the sites provably fair?
  • Is it easy and quick to deposit and withdraw skins/money?
  • Do they have a good variety of games to play on and a strong user base?
  • Is their support system solid with quick replies?

We've sorted through the lot and only included the best of the best. Furthermore, we've even arranged for you to get freebies using our promo code "CSGOBETSPRO" on most of the listed sites. This code may give you one or more of the following this:

  • Free account balance
  • Free cases to open
  • Deposit bonuses

Affiliate Disclosure

As we want to be fully transparent with our visitors, it is important to note that CSGOBets.Pro is an affiliate website. This means that when you use our referral codes, we may earn a fee or bonus ourselves. This does not affect you negatively in any way - quite the opposite, in fact. It helps pay for our website server costs and allows us to constatly update and refine our lists with even better picks. It also allows you to get lucrative bonuses. It's basically a win/win.

Even though we're an affiliate website, our main goal is to help you as much as possible. Therefore, our lists and reviews remain objective and unbiased. We look at the cold hard facts when testing a site and we aren't shy to throw away a site completely, should it fall under a certain standard.

We hope you find what you're looking for on our website. We're also more than happy to help you out should you have any questions or concerns. You may contact us here.

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