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8 Best CSGO Skin Trading Bot Websites for Instant Cash Withdrawal

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(Solid payout options including crypto)
Swap.gg is one of the leading trading platforms for selling your CSGO for real cash instantly. They are backed by 24/7 support, a 15% deposit bonus, and low processing fees.
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(+3% bonus on your first deal)
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Skins.Cash lets you cash out on your CSGO skins instantly via bank transfer, crypto, Payoneer, WebMoney, VISA and more. 24/7 live support and a huge community behind it.
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(Low 10% fee that beats Steam Market)
BitSkins is arguably the #1 most trusted 3rd party skin trading platform in the world. You have to option to either sell instantly to Bitskins or other users at higher rates.
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(Get a 10 days free trial)
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Lootbear is a trusted and unique service that not only lets you sell your skins, but also rent out your skins for weekly income. Your skins are safe and should the renter run off, you'll be 100% reimbursed.
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(Get 3% bonus on your items)
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SkinCashier is intuitive and easy to use. It features secure trades with verification codes and the minimum withdrawal is low, making it an ideal site for quite and safe transactions.
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(Get fees lowered to 10%)
Skinport is a popular 3rd party skin trading platform that allows you to instantly trade your CSGO skins for cash. They support all major payment methods.
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(Cashout and Trade bonus)
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Tradeit.gg is a leading site for exchanging your skins for real cash instantly. With an efficient support system and fair prices, it's amongst the best in the industry.
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(No Promo Applicable)
LOOT.farm has been around for a long time. Although the design may look outdated, the system functions well and gives you good cash-out prices on your skins.
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What are CSGO Trade Bots?

Do you have a lot of extra skins you do not need? Maybe you just found the perfect loadout and are looking to do something with the rest of your inventory. But if you cash out through the Steam Market, and you do not want to buy any games or other skins? This is where Trade Bots come in. These are websites which let you trade in your skins (in different ways) for real cash. Yes, real cash.

We have had such websites in CSGO for a while but increasing political pressure made Valve crack down on some sites a few years back. But now, with the rise of CSGO in China, they are back with full force. These online marketplaces for CSGO skins allow you to instantly sell your items, and some even allow you to buy skins at below market rates through their online platform. Because this money is not locked in the Steam Wallet, users are willing to sell their skins at lower prices. Skins are cheaper when you sell, but you can do anything with this money, so it is not a negative.

These websites come in many flavors. There are instant Trade Bots (see below) and also normal marketplaces like BitSkins where you list your item for sale at a given price and users buy it. This second type is the most common and best for experienced skin traders looking to make money with CSGO skins because the value of skins is higher. However, this means that since a user will have to buy your item to get your money, it might take a while for that to happen. Especially with incredibly unique, special, or expensive items.

Why use CSGO Instant Trading Bots?

This variety of Trade Bot website is one of the most interesting (if you like economics) and also important types. These websites instantly (Yes instantly!) buy your skins in exchange for real money in your bank account, PayPal, cryptocurrency etc. This means that you do not have to wait for an item to be sold. Once you trade it in, you get your money. This system is not perfect, especially if you are looking to profit from your skins as these websites give you below-market rates. There is no risk for you as a user so it makes sense that they would pay less. That being said, these services are great for those who do not feel like playing anymore and want to cash out all their items quickly and easily. Also, if you are looking to quickly liquidate (turn into cash) a part of your inventory, this might be for you.

Now you might be asking, why do these websites exist? Simply, they buy skins to sell to gambling websites. They are legit and they have an actual economic purpose to fill in the CSGO economy.

Also, we’d be interested to see if someone could sell their item on an ITB (instant trade bot) and then win it back from a site.

Top 5 CSGO Trade Bots Reviewed

1. Swap.gg

swap.gg logo

This website offers both a Trade Service and Marketplace for you to make the best of your skins. The simple UI of both services, safety tips and 24-hour support make Swap.gg a great option.

The fees are between 8-18% for trades and the items are valued close to the Steam Market price. This means that you will be getting these items for the best value. For the marketplace, the fee is just 7%, less than half of the Steam Market fee, meaning you are making as much money as possible.

All in all, Swap.gg offers quite holistic benefits for those looking for a good Trade Bot & Marketplace website.

2. Skins.Cash

skins.cash logo

This is a more mainstream skin-to-cash service. Contrary to other Trade Bots, this service offers direct cash for skins through an instant sell service.

Skins.Cash will payout players for the skins they trade through a number of payment platforms including direct bank transfer, bitcoin, QIWI and, WebMoney. Sadly, the website does not provide us with the fees involved in selling the items.

So, although the website is unique, it offers a great and, safe opportunity to cash out your CSGO skins in real money.

3. BitSkins

bitskins logo

One of the safest and most trusted of-Steam marketplaces for CSGO skins, with great prices and large variety. Bitskins allows users to buy and sell skins on their website while lowering fees to 10% instead of 15%.

Note that higher tier accounts get better rates. You can add funds to buy skins, withdraw proceeds made from the sale of skins and, sell your skins to buy others on the site. BitSkins is cemented in its legitimacy and takes care of implementing a “Know Your Customer” policy to prevent Money Laundering.

The website also offers items for Dota 2, TF2, Rust and, Z1BR.

4. LootBear

lootbear logo

This is a unique service offering the ability for players to Buy, Sell, and, even RENT(!) CSGO Skins.

The subscription-based service, at $14.99 per month (billed yearly), allows you to buy skins (see BitSkins) and instantly sell them (see Skins.Cash) but also you can rent skins. The LootBear inventory is valued at $2 million and you can add to that value by renting out your skins through the service. This generates real cash flow.

Players get to play with your skins for a week, using LootBear’s system and you get money for lending your skins out. There are 0% fees when you rent out your skins.

If you are interested in renting you must pay the monthly amount, and the service might require a deposit for renting certain high-value skins, thus ensuring you get to enjoy it for the allocated time and, sellers/lenders don’t incur a loss.

5. Skinport

Skinport logo

Similar to BitSkins, Skinport offers a marketplace between users to buy and sell in-game skins. It sells a wide variety of CSGO items, including Music Kits, Passes and, Collectibles as well as items from Dota 2, Rust, TF2 and others.

Skinport offers relatively low fees at 10% which can be lowered to 5% if you add Skinport.com to your Steam name. The withdrawal fees are also low with free EU bank transfer and Payoneer but small 0.25% fees for Cryptocurrency transactions.

The withdrawals are also quick usually taking less than 24 hours. Skinport also offers email support and a large database of troubleshooting answers.

Is it better than selling on the Steam market?

Selling csgo skins on steam marketplace vs trade bot websites infographic

For those of us who trade or dabble in skins quite a bit, fees are especially important in ensuring that you lose the least amount of money possible. It is quite well known that the Steam Market offers quite unreasonable fees for CSGO items; as well as not being able to withdraw your balance in real cash. Steam fees for CSGO items come at a relatively high 15%, the 5% is the fixed “Steam Fee” and 10% is the “CSGO Fee”. The first fee goes towards the Steam platform while the second directly goes for the development of CSGO. That being said, when trading large numbers of skins fees can hurt your wallet. This is especially true when it comes to you trading for profit, but also when you want to trade for other skins and might lose some value in the process.

Most Trade Bot websites feature a fixed commission and stock-based commission scheme. This allows the website to profit for certain items more than normal; however, this is beneficial for users on certain other items. For example, Swap.gg offers a fixed 10% commission for all trades, and a compounded fee of 0-10% depending on stock. This offers an effective range of commission of 10-20%. For items that are plentiful, you might save 5% in fees, which is indeed a significant amount. Similarly, CS. Trade offers a fixed commission scheme of 13% for CSGO items, making every trade 2% cheaper than in the Steam Market. The best commission is offered by Tradeit.gg and is 8% + $0.10 and an additional 0-3% depending on stock, making the range $0.10 + 8% -- 11% + $0.10. For items over $10, this is ~12% making it the cheapest one around.

As such Trade Bots are certainly better than the Steam Market.

How to be safe when using Trade Bots?

Trade Bot websites have often been criticized for being unsafe or scams. For those that remember using OpSkins back in the day, you will know that this is not something new. Automated scams are especially prone to happen in websites that send you trade offers. This is often a result of your Steam API key leaking. But many red flags will tip you off if something is not right. Swap.gg offers the ability of the player to look if your Steam API key has been leaked. Most other resources draw focus on the format of the trade bots and how they should look. This is important because when you get a trade offer you can and should check the profile to make sure you are trading with the website and not a scammer. This also extends to the fact that you should always check the items in the offer before accepting a trade.

Using trade bots can be unsafe, however, with due caution and care, especially regarding checking the trade offers that you receive.

Affiliate disclaimer: we may earn a commission if you complete any purchases/deposits on externally linked websites.
Luke Hager
Written by Luke Hager
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