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CSGORoll Review & Best Promo Codes

CSGORoll Review + Promo Codes


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Today we take a look at CSGORoll and give you our honest review of the ever so popular CSGO gambling website. We also answer common questions such as whether the site is legit or a scam. Let's get right into the details.

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What is CSGORoll?

CSGORoll is an industry-leading CSGO skin gambling site with a large player base and plenty of reputation to back it up.

CSGORoll centers around three different gambling modes:

You need to be 18 years old to play on CSGORoll. The site is fully transparent about being provably fair which means you're able to see the algorithms in place that control the outcome of all the bets. This is a nice assurance that definitely adds to the overall credibility of a CS:GO gambling site.

If you're just about to get started with CSGORoll, you may use the promo code "CSGOBETSPRO" to claim 3 free cases to open. This will surely get you going.

Is CSGORoll Legit?

Yes, CSGORoll is a reputable and legit CSGO betting website that is completely safe to bet on. They've been in the market since 2015 so they're one of the sites that have been around for long and handle a huge number of transactions on a daily basis.

Overall, the site has solid support and friendly staff. The layout is simple and intuitive to navigate and their referral program is excellent.

Deposit & Withdraw System

One important aspect that really determines if a Counter-strike betting site is good or not is its withdrawal and deposit system. If you have to pay crazy overprices or there are no quality items to withdraw, it's really no good.

The deposit system on CSGORoll is great. You can deposit either CS:GO skins, DOTA2 items, or real money, and the transactions quickly get credited to your balance.

We like that there are so many options for money deposits as it ensures there's a method everyone can use. At the moment, they accept the following money deposit methods:

  • Credit card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Crypto: Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Very few sites offer so many cryptocurrencies so the fact that CSGORoll has four options is great.

As for withdrawals, you can only withdraw CSGO and DOTA2 items, which is a slight letdown. Other sites let you withdraw in cryptocurrency as well. However, they make up for it by having a really good withdrawal system. The withdrawal marketplace is vast - there's a huge amount of skins in all price ranges to withdraw. Some are instant, others are trade-locked but you can see that before moving ahead with your trade.

CSGORoll Freebies & Referral Codes

If you're new to CSGORoll, you're in luck. They have a wide range of awesome freebies to get excited about.

For instance, you can get 3 free cases with skins to open using the referral code "CSGOBETSPRO" when signing up. Simply click on "Free Box" in the top menu and enter the code to claim your 3 free boxes.

Depending on the level you're currently in, there are also awesome daily free cases to open. Starting from level 2 and all the way up to level 100, there's be gradually improving cases to open. You level up by earning experience. Experience is gathered when playing the games on the site.

CSGORoll has regular giveaways in which you can freely participate and with a bit of luck you can win some incredible skins with substantial value.

Game Variety

The game variety on CSGORoll is good. They have three main games.

Roll - The first game is called Roll and it closely resembles roulette. You bet either red, black or green and whichever field the spinner ends on determines the outcome of the bet. Black and red give x2 money back whereas hitting a green gives you x14 your money back.

CSGORoll Roll screenshot

Crash - The crash game is popular among CSGO gamblers. You set your stake, specify and multiplier and watch a graph grow. If the graph multiplier reach or exceeds your specified multiplier, you win. If the graph crashes before reaching your multiplier, you lose. It's one of those game modes where you can sometimes land extremely high odds with low stakes and a bit of luck, which can be very profitable.

Unboxing - Like we see it with Hellcase and other case opening sites, the odds are a lot better than when opening cases directly in CSGO. New cases are often added and they range in price from 0.17 to 979 coins so there's a case for everyone no matter your budget. Whatever you unbox you can either withdraw or sell for additional balance on the site.

CSGORoll Case Unboxing screenshot

Pros & Cons

To give you a quick overview, we've noted down the most important pros and cons of CSGORoll.


  • Good game variety
  • Provably fair system
  • Trusted and solid support
  • Daily freebies and 3 free cases using referral code "CSGOBETSPRO"
  • Wide range of deposit methods


  • No way to withdraw in cash - not even crypto. Only CSGO and DOTA2 skin withdrawal available.
Affiliate disclaimer: we may earn a commission if you complete any purchases/deposits on externally linked websites.
Luke Hager
Written by Luke Hager
Luke Hager is a 25 years old gamer with a deep passion for CS:GO. He's been following the competitive scene since the first golden age of CS 1.6 in the early 2000's and played himself just as long. He has played on smaller CS:S teams in the early 2010's before turning his attention to the skin trading scene when it was first introduced in CS:GO. Today, he studies computer sciene while working part-time with his skin trading ventures and blogging on CSGOBets.pro. 
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