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DatDrop Review & Best Promo Codes 2020

DatDrop Review + Promo Codes


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What is DatDrop?

DatDrop is a case opening CSGO gambling site that offers a set of remarkably interesting case opening options. As always, you can deposit both your skins and money to play. DatDrop offers three game modes:

To play on DatDrop you must be at least 18 years old. Like other good CSGO gambling sites DatDrop offers a provably fair system so you know that the chances are not being manipulated. You can also check out the chances for items in each case and be sure of what you are betting on.

Although DatDrop only offers withdrawal in the form of CSGO skins, its provably fair system, a large number of cases, and new fun games make it a great site to play on. You can use promo code ‘CSGOBETSPRO’ to get a 5% bonus on any deposit to get started.

DatDrop promo code

Is DatDrop Legit?

Yes. DatDrop is completely safe to bet on and as mentioned has a provably fair system. Also, DatDrop does not process your payments, but rather G2APay does so to ensure security. But this is not all, DatDrop has been diligent and offers users comprehensive information on how to avoid scams by admin imposters and other users online.

Finally, they are registered in the UK which offers great legal protection if it is found that the site might be illegitimate. So even if down the road something bad is done by DatDrop admins, you are still protected. Sadly, DatDrop does not offer any live support and users must email them if need be.

Deposit & Withdraw System

The great differentiator between an average and a good CSGO betting site is how payments are done, and if the value and variety of items are worth it.

DatDrop does not offer too wide a variety of deposit options, but it is sure to have one that suits you. Unless you only use Bitcoin. Primarily you can deposit real money via G2APay or Game Money, otherwise, you can turn your skins into currency using SkinPay. They do offer cryptocurrency options but only for Ethereum. Here are all the methods DatDrop accepts:

  • G2APay, global credit and debit cards.
  • Game Money wallet
  • Ethereum wallet
  • WaxPeer.com for CSGO and VGO skins into Ethereum
  • SkinPay for your CSGO skins

The minimum deposit for WaxPeer is $10 and for Ethereum is $1. The minimum G2APay and SkinPay deposit is not disclosed but should be around $1 as well. There are no deposit bonuses, but they offer a 5% bonus for users with the promo code ‘CSGOBETSPRO’.

In terms of withdrawals, DatDrop only permits you to get back CSGO skins and not their equivalent value in money. You can withdraw your winnings from your DatDrop inventory, and the items will be sent to your Steam account. The offering of items is quite diverse with basically every skin in the game available through cases or upgrades. However, the site does not provide a list of items for us to see, but through the top earnings option, it is clear that some expensive skins are available on the site for you to win.

There is no information about withdrawal status, but given the format of the site, it is clear that almost all the skins you can win are available instantly for withdrawal. You can withdraw items only if you have already deposited any amount on the website.

DatDrop Freebies & Referral Codes

If you are looking to start playing on DatDrop, there are many freebies to get you going. The website offers promo codes, giveaways, and free cases for all users.

You can use the promo code ‘CSGOBETSPRO’ when signing up to receive a 5% bonus on any deposit. Simply click on ‘Add Funds’ and enter the code.

DatDrop promo code

Once you begin playing, you also get a free case according to the level of your profile. To get your first free case you must deposit $3. From then on, each level is $25 extra up to Level 5. Each case is better than the last. However, every day your level decreases by $5. Say you deposit $100, for the next 5 days you will be decreased by $5 – you won’t actually lose the money, just in terms of level – and on the 5th day, you will have a level balance of $75 and will be Level 4 instead of 5.

You can also join in on the giveaways. These giveaways are hourly, daily and, weekly. To enter each giveaway, you must fill your balance accordingly, for hourly it is $5, daily $10, and weekly $20. The prizes are priced accordingly, with the hourly item worth around $10, the daily $80, and weekly at least $140.

Game Variety

DatDrop is a clear-cut case opening site, but it does offer two more remarkably interesting games. In addition to the classic Upgrade game, you can also have case battles!

Cases – Like any other similar website, you can use your site credits to open cases and get a random skin according to the probability of each skin. The website offers an insane variety of different cases, there are themed cases, weapon cases, StatTrack only cases, and surprisingly, exact replicas of in-Game cases. Yes! You can open an Operation Bravo case for just $2! Each case comes with analytic odds per item, so you know exactly what you are betting on. Also, you can check the random seed of each case to make sure the roll was fair.

Upgrade – Are you looking for a specific skin that you have not managed to win in a case? Well, this game is exactly what you are looking for. The upgrade game is extremely popular and widely used. It allows you to select an item from your inventory and select an item you want to upgrade to. Then, the system gives you odds on the upgrade, if you are feeling lucky, you can go through with the upgrade and maybe win the skin you want.

You can upgrade humble skins like an AK Elite Build or legendary ones like a Dragon Lore. The item values are also quite good, and this game is worth checking out if you are after a specific item.

DatDrop Upgrader

Case Battles – This is an incredibly unique feature that DatDrop has. In essence, this is a case opening multiplayer with a ‘winner takes all’ attitude. You can create or join a battle. To do that you must select a number of cases, from 1 up to 10, and pay the amount you need to open them. Then your friend, friends or other random players can join.

Once the game is filled, you will begin opening cases. The winner of the game is the person that opens the highest total value of items. But that is not all, the winner takes all of the items of other players! And the loser(s) get a free $0.03 skin to ease the pain. If you want to win a crazy amount of skins and beat your friends in the process, this is the game for you.

DatDrop Battle Opening

Pros & Cons

To give you a quick overview, we have noted down the most important pros and cons of DatDrop.


  • Provably fair system
  • Case Battles
  • Free cases and many giveaways
  • Wide variety of cases to open and skins to win


  • No promo codes with free credits
  • Cannot withdraw money
  • No case customization
  • Too few deposit options
  • No live support

Affiliate disclaimer: we may earn a commission if you complete any purchases/deposits on externally linked websites.
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