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FarmSkins Review + Best Promo Codes

FarmSkins Review + Promo Codes


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Today we take a closer look at a popular CSGO skins gambling website called Farmskins. We answer commonly asked questions and determine whether it is a trustworthy site or not.

What is FarmSkins? 

FarmSkins is a case opening CSGO gambling site where you can use both your own skins, deposited money, and promo codes to win cool skins. Although it is mainly centered around opening cases it also has a couple more game modes: 

To play on FarmSkins you need to be over the age of 18. Sadly, you cannot use the website if you are in Denmark, Belgium, or the Netherlands due to local laws. FarmSkins.com offers a wide range of balanced cases and has a large inventory of items. Although you can only withdraw skins, it is still worth checking out if you are looking to win some skins.

You can use promo code CSGOBETSPRO to get $0.95 of credits and get started. 

Farmskins promo code

Is FarmSkins legit? 

Yes, Farm Skins is reputable and completely safe to bet on. It is one of the oldest and most trustworthy CSGO skin case opening sites out there. They have been operating since 2016 and have sponsored and ran three CSGO championships since 2017. Notably, they have a G2A rating of 99.2% with over 75,000 reviews.  

They also offer good chat support which you can easily access through a built-in chat function.  

Deposit & Withdraw System 

For a CSGO case opening site to be good, it must offer a large number of deposit methods for users, that are safe but also offer good value on skins. 

FarmSkins offers a surprisingly large amount of deposit options for players. It has options for users around the world as well as deposits through cryptocurrencies. Players who wish to deposit some of their skins can also do so. Here are all the methods FarmSkins accepts: 

  • G2APay, Debit and Credit cards for US and Canada 
  • Game Money wallet 
  • Skin2Pay, through which you can trade your CSGO skins for site credits 
  • G2A Gift Cards, all global methods including PayPal 
  • Alipay 
  • UnionPay 
  • Coinbase, with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash. 

For those who use Alipay or UnionPay, FarmSkins offers a 5% bonus on any deposit. It also offers a free case with any deposit over $10 for all players. 

In terms of withdrawals, FarmSkins offers extremely limited options which have its caveats. Players can only withdraw CSGO skins, a wide array of skins, but still only skins. FarmSkins has most of its inventory on hand, but some rare ones might not always be available to withdraw, and users might need to request ‘Delayed Delivery’ that can take up to 24 hours. However, they do allow users to request the withdrawal of some very high-ticket skins worth over $2000.

Sadly, FarmSkins does not offer instant item withdrawal for such items due to Steam restrictions, but most items are still available instantly. The main issue with FarmSkins’ withdrawal system is that it requires a $4 deposit to be unlocked and so users using only promo codes will be unable to get their winnings.  

Even so, most users will be satisfied being able to win almost every skin in the game. And even if the one you have won is not available right now, you can always trade it for one of similar value that will be available.  

Farmskins.com Freebies & Referral Codes 

For those who are new to Farm Skins, they offer a wide range of free stuff for you to get excited about. Like most other sites, they offer promo codes, but that is not all. 

To get you started, you can get $0.90 of free credit by using the promo code ‘CSGOBETSPRO’ when you sign up. Simply click on ‘Add Funds’ and enter the code.  

Once you start, you also get a daily bonus. This is a free case you get to open once a day for 7 days; the prizes are skins and credits. If you make a deposit, you will automatically level up your account and, the daily bonus which will now last for 30 days instead of 7. The more you deposit the larger your chances to win bigger prizes as you level up you account.  

FarmSkins also offers a free #stayathome case for those who are playing during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. A fun way to flatten the curve.  

Game Variety 

Although Farm Skins is mainly a skin case opening site, they do offer a bunch of cool games for you to try.  

Cases – Like in CSGO itself, you can open cases using currency and get rewarded with items. Cases start at $0.39 and go all the way to $200. These cases are well balanced and offer a good range of items. Each case offers a category of items like Knives or M4A4 skins, but some special cases also exist. These cases- marked as ‘Trending Cases’ - in addition to your winnings give you credits for the daily giveaway. The daily giveaway offers a cool new skin every day for you to win. But it must be noted that unlike similar sites, Farm Skins does not offer custom cases which is done to ensure balanced gameplay.  

Farmskins Online CSGO Cases

Upgrade – If you want to pick the exact skin you could win, this is the game for you. Players can place an item they own, and one they want to upgrade to, then they get the chance for the upgrade to go through. If you win, you get the upgraded item. Chances can be as high as 70%. The item values are also quite good, and this game is definitely worth checking out if you are after a specific item.  

Farmskins.com Upgrade

Tradeup Contracts – Like in the actual game, you can deposit 10 items and except a random item back. The game gives you a range of possible prices for the item you will receive depending on the items you deposit. It is a great choice for those looking to turn a bunch of boring skins into a better, more valuable one.  

Pros & Cons 

To give you a quick overview, we have noted down the most important pros and cons of Farm Skins. 


  • Trusted and Solid Support 
  • Wide Range of Deposit methods 
  • Free daily cases, giveaways, and $0.95 of credit with promo code ‘CSGOBETSPRO’ 
  • Good game variety for those wanting to get certain items 
  • Balanced cases that cannot be customized 


  • No way to withdraw in anything but skins 
  • Need a $4 deposit to withdraw anything 
  • No case customization – creation feature 
Affiliate disclaimer: we may earn a commission if you complete any purchases/deposits on externally linked websites.
Luke Hager
Written by Luke Hager
Luke Hager is a 25 years old gamer with a deep passion for CS:GO. He's been following the competitive scene since the first golden age of CS 1.6 in the early 2000's and played himself just as long. He has played on smaller CS:S teams in the early 2010's before turning his attention to the skin trading scene when it was first introduced in CS:GO. Today, he studies computer sciene while working part-time with his skin trading ventures and blogging on CSGOBets.pro. 
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