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Key-Drop Review & Best Promo Codes

Key-Drop Review + Promo Codes


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Today we take a look at Key-Drop. Find out if this site is legit or a scam and get the best promo codes for free gold and daily cases.

What is Key-Drop?

Key-Drop is a relatively new CSGO skin gambling site with a heavy focus on case openings - but with better odds than in-game cases.

With more than 50 unique CS:GO skin cases ranging from $0.30 to $400 in price, there's something for low-cash gamblers and high-stake ballers alike.

Apart from being a case opening site, Key-Drop also has the highly popular "Contracts" game which is well-known from the actual CS:GO game

Key-Drop also has a skin upgrader that'll let you easily stake your skins for bigger rewards while always showing you the odds and possible outcomes transparently.

Is Key-Drop Legit or a Scam?

There are many fake sites you want to steer clear of, but Key-Drop is not one of them. Though the site is fairly new, they have a massive reputation, more than 500,000 followers across their social media platforms, and even a dedicated Steam group with more than 1,300 active members.

Key-Drop is well-known for its easy and safe deposits and withdrawals and we've found the support system to be both effective and swift to use.

Key-Drop is operated by a Georgian company named IGNIS LLC. Their address is 0167 Georgia, Tbilisi, District of Gldani, Omar Khizanishvili str., № 264 and their business identification number is 400263610. They can be reached through their support system or directly on at [email protected]

Best Promo Codes & Free Cases for Key-Drop

We have teamed up with Key-Drop to give you an exclusive promotional code that'll give you $0.55 account balance to play with upon registration (only for new users).

Simply follow this link and use the promo code "CSGOBETSPRO" to receive $0.55 free.

Apart from using our promotional code, you can get a free daily case by adding "KeyDrop.com" to your nickname and changing your avatar on the Steam platform. In this case, you can win account balance, gold and even weapon cases that could potentially give you expensive skins.

You can also get free gold by completing Key-Drop tasks such as adding your email, joining their Facebook group, following their Instagram or Twitter and enabling notifications.

On their social media, they will occasionally post "Golden Codes". If you're quick enough, you can use these codes in your account to get a secret bonus.

The Games at Key-Drop

Key-Drop has a variety of different games to yield profits from. Let's investigate them:

CS:GO Skin Cases

key-drop csgo skin cases

This is the main attraction on the site. Functioning just like the in-game case system - just with better chances of profit - you can open more than 50 distinct cases with various themes and at various price points.

The cases range from just $0.3 to $400 in price and new cases and limited deals are constantly added to the site so you can enjoy a fresh and exciting unboxing experience no matter what budget you have.

Very usefully, Key-Drop have cases with specific skins so if you're specifically looking for a new, say, AK-47, you can open the AK-47 case and be guaranteed a drop that fits the bill.

key-drop diablo csgo skin case

On the same note, you can also open agent cases and cases that pertain to specific weapon classes (milspec, restricted, covert, knives, gloves). This gives specific freedom of what kind of skins you can get.

We would've liked to see skin chance percentages inside the cases but maybe we'll get it in the future.


The Upgrader on this site is one of the best we've seen yet. It allows you to combine both balance and current skins to upgrade your skins into better ones at the odds you prefer.

You can select one or more skins and quickly find skins that match your risk level by clicking the 1.5x, 2x, 5x and 10x multipliers. Conversely, you can choose whether you want to roll over or under which gives added freedom of your bet.

Key-drop skin upgrader

You can switch between slow or fast mode depending on the pace you want to to at and you can even filter for a specific skin, price range or rarity which gives you a lot of customization.

Key-drop skin upgrader win

Game Unboxer

On of the most unique features of Key-Drop is the ability to open cases that contain various games - so it isn't just for CS:GO gamblers. Most of these cases will give you Steam keys that can be activated on your account but there are also games for other platforms like Origin and UPlay.

Once again, the price range is wide. Some game cases cost only $0.77 while the priciest go upwards of $41. The keys range from small indie games to expensive major A+++ game titles like Borderlands 3 and Assasin's Creed Oddysey.

Once you unbox a game, you can choose either to sell it (for account balance) or redeem it at which point it'll become untradeable and the specific activation key will be attributed to your account. This is excellent because if you get a game you really don't want, you can sell it and re-roll. This also leads us to the next feature.

Game Trade-Up Contracts

This feature lets you exchange games that you don't like or already have in a trade-up contract like we know it from CS:GO. It requires 5 games of the same color (rarity) and just like in CS:GO, it'll then upgrade into a random game of a higher rarity (color).

This is a very welcomed feature because chances are you'll eventually land on a game you won't be playing so having the freedom to trade it up for something better is a nice addition.

Gold Area

Apart from the USD account balance you have, there's also a gold area. Gold is earned by completing quests or redeeming Golden Codes. By doing stuff like following them on social media, opening cases, inviting friends and playing games, you can earn gold. The gold in your account can be spent in the 'Gold Area' on various game and skin cases.

The most prestigious gold case is the Emerald Cut. Priced at 19,200 gold, you stand the chance to win incredible skins and knives like Skeleton Knife | Slaughter, Bayonet | Marble Fade and AK-47 | The Empress.

Nice wins for some extra free task completions, right?


Depositing funds into your Key-Drop account is both easy and safe. They support some of the market-leading payment methods that ensure your funds don't go missing. By depositing, you also get free gold which can be used in the aforementioned gold area.

key-drop balance deposit

The current payment methods are as following:

  • G2A Pay (One of the most popular payment gateways in the industry)
    • Skrill
    • Neteller
    • Union Pay
    • Bitpay
    • Trustly
  • VISA and instant Mastercard payment
  • Paysafecard
  • CS:GO Skins
  • Paymentwall
  • PayPal

We really like that they support PayPal because it is fast, easy and safe to use and it's something many sites lack.

The fact that you have an option to deposit CS:GO skins is also incredibly nice because that means you don't have to invest actual cash to get started. The rates aren't incredible but it's still an excellent feature.

Funds usually arrive within 10 minutes and may arrive instantly depending on what method of deposit you're using.


The withdrawal system is a little limited in that you can only withdraw your case or upgrade winnings. This means that you cannot withdraw actual cash like you can on CSGOEmpire or Rollbit.

The withdrawal system does seem to work quite well. Upon request, we received a trade offer on Steam almost instantly - all 3 times we tried it.

It should be noted that you have to deposit $1 USD to be eligible for any withdrawals but this is a common safety measure conducted by practically any CS:GO gambling site. They use this to combat fake accounts and spammers who take advantage of the $0.55 free balance promo code.

Pros & Cons

If you're in a rush, we've summed up the major pros and cons of Key-Drop below:


  • Wide range of cases at various price points
  • Good odds and modern layout
  • Unique ability to win games
  • Lots of tasks to earn free credit and gold
  • Daily free cases
  • Safe to use and good support


  • Withdrawal options limited to skins and games (no actual cash withdrawal)
  • Minimum $1 USD deposit to be eligible for withdrawal


So that wraps up our review of the Key-Drop gambling site. It's a reliable site with lots of cool game options and there's plenty of ways to earn free gold that you can use to win free skins or Steam games.

Key-Drop is unique in that it lets you unbox games - this is very exciting and can be a good way to discover new games you'd otherwise not play.

The site is highly reputable and safe to use. Deposits are almost instant and it's easy to get started. The withdrawal options are admittedly limited but if you're not planning withdrawing actual funds, it's not an issue.

We highly recommend you check out Key-Drop. Don't forget to use the promotional code "CSGOBETSPRO" for an exclusive $0.55 free credit on sign-up.

Affiliate disclaimer: we may earn a commission if you complete any purchases/deposits on externally linked websites.
Luke Hager
Written by Luke Hager
Luke Hager is a 25 years old gamer with a deep passion for CS:GO. He's been following the competitive scene since the first golden age of CS 1.6 in the early 2000's and played himself just as long. He has played on smaller CS:S teams in the early 2010's before turning his attention to the skin trading scene when it was first introduced in CS:GO. Today, he studies computer sciene while working part-time with his skin trading ventures and blogging on CSGOBets.pro. 
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