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UnboxSkins Review & Best Promo Codes 2020

UnboxSkins Review + Promo Codes


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What is UnboxSkins?

It is a case opening site that offers a large range of items, cases and a case creation feature to satisfy all of your case opening needs. As always you can deposit both money and skins to earn credits, but if you want you can also pay with cryptocurrencies. UnboxSkins provides the following game modes:

Like any other website of its type, you must be at least 18 years of age to play. UnboxSkins allows you to check the fairness of each roll, whether it is a case or upgrades using a provably fair system. Using this system, you know that the game is truly random.

If you feel like the odds of some cases or items are not exactly what you like, you can create your own case, from which you can also get coins if other people open it. If this site looks like the one for you, use promo code CSGOBETSPRO for $0.5 and a 15% deposit bonus to get started.

Is UnboxSkins Legit?

Yes, UnboxSkins is completely legit and safe to bet on. To keep your mind at ease, you can make sure the fairness of the rolls using the provably fair system. Further, no payments are ever processed by UnboxSkins meaning that your credit card or crypto-wallet information will remain private.

However, UnboxSkins does not provide live support like other websites but rather can only be contacted via email If need be. But this is not too big of a problem given that very few problems might come up for which the site does not provide answers in the FAQ.

Deposit & Withdraw System

For us, what makes or breaks a CSGO gambling site is whether it covers our deposit needs and if the value of the items is fair compared to their value elsewhere.

UnboxSkins offers a large variety of deposit options, meaning that wherever you live and whatever you prefer to use, they have got you covered. Users can pay via a bank card, skins, and cryptocurrencies. All of these transactions are quick and offer plenty of specialized options for you to choose. Here are all the methods UnboxSkins accepts:

  • G2APay, with support for 200+ global payment methods. Only VISA cards if paying directly though G2APay
  • Skins to Credits using: SkinsBack or ShadowPay
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin

All non-skin related methods have a minimum deposit of $2. SkinsBack is $4 and ShadowPay is $0.03. Through G2APay you can use other methods like Skrill, UnionPay, Bitcoin, Neteller and 200+ others. Using the promo code ‘CSGOBETSPRO’ you can get a 15% deposit bonus on your first deposit and $0.5 worth of credits.

So, what about withdrawals? UnboxSkins allows you to withdraw only CSGO skins and not a real currency. From your UnboxSkins inventory, the items will be sent to your Steam account rather quickly. UnboxSkins operates a 20 minute restock policy meaning that most popular items up to values of $1000 or so, will be restocked every 20 minutes.

This means that even unavailable items will be sent to you quite quickly. UnboxSkins also offers an astounding amount of skin variety of all types and conditions. At the time of writing the highest value individual item was just over $2000. If you are looking to withdraw your winnings, you must, however, deposit a minimum of $5. But with the variety and options offered by UnboxSkins, this is a must-visit site for serious players.

UnboxSkins Freebies & Referral Codes

For those starting on UnboxSkins, the developers offer great benefits for new users. You can play with a promo code, and also get two free daily cases that might drop a Dragon Lore or Karambit.

You can start by using promo code ‘CSGOBETSPRO’ when signing up to receive $0.5 and a generous 15% deposit bonus on your first deposit. Simply join using this link.

Once you start playing on the site, you also get two different free daily cases as well as a few more opportunities for free coins. The first daily case can be opened if you have deposited $5 or if you add ‘Unboxskins.com’ to your Steam nickname. This case includes a Dragon Lore, Karambit Lore, and Fire Serpent. The second free case works the same way but requires you to add the UnboxSkins logo as your avatar, you can also skip this step if you have deposited $5.

The second case features way better odds for some really good items. By joining the UnboxSkins Steam group you can claim another $0.1. If you keep your profile with the UnboxSkins URL and avatar, you can receive up to $0.1 per day to play with. But the site does not offer any giveaways to enter which would be a great addition.

Game Variety

UnboxSkins is a pretty simple case opening site and does not come with any extra thrills, but the care and attention to case opening make it particularly good at what it is.

Cases – As the main and most important game, it lets you open cases for a cost and get random items. This is well integrated with the provably fair system and automatically provides you with a checking hash before the roll starts. There is also a pre-check to make sure you do not accidentally open a case. Each case gives you the exact chance of each item to drop meaning that you can see the exact odds and know if it is worth it.

The site also lets you create custom cases where you can choose the items and odds, as well as an ‘affiliate cut’. This allows you to get a cut of credits when users open your case. Prices for items and cases are updated daily meaning you get the best deal given current values. There is a great variety of pre-built cases including UnboxSkins official and in-game ones. You can also check the top cases to find interesting odds on items you might want. Prices for cases start as low as $0.03.

UnboxSkins Free Welcome Case

Upgrade – This is a true classic of the CSGO gambling community and allows you to upgrade an item you already own into one you have selected while it gives you the odds for it to happen. This also uses the provably fair system using a presented hash and check to ensure that the game is fair. You can select any item from the site's inventory to upgrade to. The values of items are quite fair, and the odds are not too bad either although somewhat lower than they should for cheaper items. If you are after a specific skin, this is the game for you.

UnboxSkins Upgrade

Pros & Cons

All in all, UnboxSkins is one of the best CSGO skin gamble websites around but to give you a quick overview, we have noted down the most important pros and cons of UnboxSkins.


  • Provably fair system
  • Great variety of cases to open
  • Custom case builder with affiliate ability
  • Good signup bonus
  • Quick restock policy


  • No live support
  • Minimum deposit policy
  • No other global payment other than G2APay
  • No free cases for completely free users
  • No giveaways
Affiliate disclaimer: we may earn a commission if you complete any purchases/deposits on externally linked websites.
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